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“Capture the Light” Sunrise or Sunset Photographer’s Tour $159 Per Person

Whether a beginner or accomplished photographer, this tour provides you the best opportunity for optimal photographic conditions. Lake Tahoe has truly amazing sunrises and sunsets. Our day begins capturing pre-dawn shots when the sun rises at the iconic Emerald Bay. Beautiful colors explode before your eyes as the sun dances off the waterfalls making for pleasing foreground subject matter. Taking advantage of the soft morning light we continue to other spectacular locations.

Lake Tahoe’s East Shore has some of the most spectacular sunset locations anywhere. Crystal clear water, boulder formations, sandy beaches, rocky coves, and forested areas await your arrival.

 Customer Review

“Lake Tahoe at it’s finest – a truly remarkable experience!!!”

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Since most people only read the first paragraph on TripAdvisor let me say right up front that I went on one of the Tahoe Photographic Tours private Lake Tahoe tours with owner Keith Price and without a doubt I’d rate it a full 5 stars. I’d give them 10 if I could, it was just that good. If you’re going to Lake Tahoe and you want to see the best, most beautiful sites, this outfit is the one to choose. Period. I’ve been on many photo tours, seminars, field training sessions, etc., elsewhere and none of them come close. Not only did Keith and his team ensure that I was completely satisfied with their service but, when we we’re done, I truly felt that I had made new friends in Lake Tahoe. Keith is just one of those genuinely nice people you meet from time to time that within 5 minutes of beginning our tour we we’re chatting and laughing like we’d been friends for years. That set the tone for the entire day.

My guide for the day, Keith Price, is one of the most gifted professional photographers I’ve ever seen. He showed me wildlife and landscape pictures that he’s taken over his career and I was just blown away. I rarely use the term “gifted” when I refer to someone’s work because, well, I rarely see anyone who is truly gifted, but in this case it fits. Keith’s work is simply stunning so to have him as my private guide was the highlight of my photographic experiences to date. Check out his zenfolio site I found when I “Goggled” him ( and you’ll see what I mean. Spectacular!!!

Let me step back a bit… They have several tour types, the standard tour takes you to many of the most scenic spots on Earth. They start at 9am and go for a 1/2 day or a full day. You can take pictures of Tahoe, they’ll take pictures of you, you’ll see spectacular vista and you’ll have the time of your life captured in photos. For me, since I’m an experienced intermediate photographer, I wanted to do a very specific sunrise and sunsets, and all points in between, photography tour so I asked for a private tour which they do upon request. The price was very reasonable and is based on what you want to do and how long it takes to do it. I’m not going to say what I paid because that’s between them and me but I will say this – I would have paid much, much, more and still been thoroughly satisfied. Keep in mind that I asked for 8 hours time with a world class photographer to not only drive me in his very comfortable SUV, but to also take me to all the most scenic sites in Lake Tahoe (tall order) and also to mentor and coach me to help me be a better photographer (another tall order). He did that expertly and brought out much more than I thought I had in me. This was, to me, the most important part of the day. Keith didn’t just say “ok, setup over here, set your camera to ISO 100 – f/16 – 1/250th, point at that vista, then click the shutter, ok let’s move on”. It was completely the opposite of that. I never once felt like I was being rushed, or just another guy on a tour, but rather that I was being guided by a friend who genuinely cared that I was getting the images I was after and that I was having an experience to remember.

When we arrived at each spot he told me about the area, showed me the points of interest to try and capture, and then turned me loose to photograph whatever moved me. I’d setup and take some shots that I thought were good and I’d ask him for his opinion and guidance. Keith would look at my shots and if they were good he’d say “wow, great shot”, but here’s where he really helped me, when they clearly weren’t that good he very gently suggested things I might do to improve them without ever once making me feel intimidated or inadequate. Within less than an hour I was shooting photographs that amazed me… I remember thinking to myself “did I take that… no, way” (same thing my wife said when I showed her 🙂 ). That’s the key ingredient that made this tour the single most influential photographic learning experience I’ve had to date. I learned more in one day under Keith’s guidance than I learned in two years of books, online classes, seminars, internet Forum’s, and taking pictures on my own. I am now at a new level and my photography shows it.

Just to make one last point, I have never met Keith Price before the day of my private tour. I chose his service based on the absolutely remarkable reviews others have posted here on TripAdvisor. I highly recommend Tahoe Photographic Tours to anyone who wants to see the real Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas. Whether you want to take the pictures, or just see the sites and be in the pictures, you will have the time of your life. I will definitely go out on tour with them next time I return to Lake Tahoe.

Even if I didn’t take a single picture on my tour (I took 700+) I would have been completely satisfied just seeing some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I’ve been traveling in and around Lake Tahoe once or twice a year for more than 40 years and I had only been to two of the spots that Keith took me to before that day, one was Emerald Bay at Eagle Falls and the other was the parking lot of the hotel I was staying at. My guide Keith has lived in Tahoe for most of his adult life and he knows what virtually every inch of the area has to offer. If you take a tour with any of their guides I’m sure you’ll see many unbelievable locations, rarely, if at all, seen by the casual Lake Tahoe visitor. If you take a tour I have no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful time and will have many wonderful memories you won’t soon forget.