Keith Price

Keith Price
Keith has been capturing the pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe for many years. Keith’s photographic art includes color-rich landscape vistas, wildlife quietly captured in their natural habitats, and stunning Northwest images.

Keith has and continues to lead thousands of visitors on personalized photographic tours of Lake Tahoe through his popular company Tahoe Photographic Tours.

The Wild Life

A true outdoorsman, Keith’s photography also encompasses the wildlife that inhabits the Northwest. Taking him dangerously close to some of the most feared predators in North America. Keith captures the power and vulnerability of these creatures and their connection with the environment. Always searching for a new challenge, Keith’s next excursion will lead him to the ends of the earth, seeking that perfect shot of tuxedoed penguins in their native Antarctica.

Keith Price’s love and fascination of animals has driven his photographic expeditions to remote locations all over the world. Recent explorations have taken Keith to Alaska, the Arctic, Churchill Canada, and the most beautiful of all, the United States.

Jim Grant

Jim Grant is an award-winning photojournalist and is an adjunct faculty member at Lake Tahoe Community College teaching digital photography, commercial photography and photojournalism. He has lived in the Tahoe area for nearly 30 years. His wife Belinda is also a professional photographer specializing in wedding and portrait photography. They have two children, Adriana 16, and Jimmie 11. When he sets down his camera he enjoys fishing and rockhounding with his family.